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                            border-radius:100px 0px 100px 0px;

CSS border-radius

border-radius is a css function. Used to round the edges of an element. border-radius can be used for rectangular, square, and similar elements or images.

Can I give the roundness of each edge separately in border-radius?

Yes, you can round the edges of the element in a special way. But memorizing it can be difficult. To make this easier, we have developed a border-radius generator You can round each edge to the size you want.

We've left our unlimited border radius generator to your imagination so you can create interesting shapes.

Can I share my CSS design and code?

Yes, After creating your design, click the 'Share Your Design' button. The system will create a short link for you. Thanks to this link, you can share your design with your friends with your css code. Your friends can update the design and get a new link and send it to you.

You can use our css border-radius generator to create the perfect designs to use in your project.

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