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                            filter: drop-shadow(69px -18px 19px rgba(38, 0, 255, 1));
                            /* Optional */
                            background-color:rgba(243, 244, 245, 1);

Filter Drop-Shadow

If you're into CSS, you've probably heard of box-shadow. You actually have another option for shading, but not many people know about it.

Png image box shadow

Users occasionally research how to add a box shadow to a png image. Box-shadow is not the right choice for transparent images like PNG. drop-shadow should be used for transparent images. Filter drop shadow is supported by all current browsers.

So what is drop-shadow?

It is a css function of the drop-shadow filter property. When added to an element, it creates a drop shadow for the element. The drop-shadow syntax is as follows:
filter : drop-shadow(offset-x offset-y blur, color); But you dont need to keep them in mind. We have developed a filter drop-shadow generator for you.
You can easily create your drop shadow as you wish and use it in your project.

Can I share my CSS design and code?

Yes, After creating your design, click the 'Share Your Design' button. The system will create a short link for you. Thanks to this link, you can share your design with your friends with your css code. Your friends can update the design and get a new link and send it to you.

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